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Tourism in Occitania: Holidays in the South of France

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Attractions and tourist sites

Parks, castles, caves, theme parks...


Visit the parks, castles, museums, theme parks and prehistoric caves in the Occitania region. You'll also love Occitania for its traditional crafts: Laguiole knives, Millau gloves, denim jeans, etc. Check out some of our unique sites dedicated to aviation and space

Château de Montal dans le Lot


With almost 300 castles to visit, Occitania is like a kingdom filled wit...

Musée Dom Robert à Sorèze

Occitania Museum

The Musée de la Romanité Roman museum in Nîmes (opening in June 2018) is...

Airbus à Toulouse

Sky and space

Airbus, Cité de l’Espace, Pic du Midi… with a several outstanding sites ...

Parc de la Préhistoire en Ariège

Caves and abysses

There is a parallel world beneath your feet in Occitania! This is the ri...

Parc des Loups du Gévaudan

Leisure parks and zoos

Ideal for holidays and a day out with your family! In our scientific and...

Jardins de Saint-Adrien dans l'Hérault

Parks and gardens

Visit the gardens of Occitania: our exotic or Mediterranean gardens will...

Couteaux de Laguiole


Traditional, ancestral and… contemporary! The "Made in Occitania" deploy...