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Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is the symbolic monument of Roman architectural genius. Lost in the scrubland between Nîmes and Avignon, it has fascinated people for 20 centuries.

Coucher de soleil au Pont du Gard

An ancient masterpiece

Located 35 minutes Northeast of Nîmes, the Pont du Gard is the most visited ancient monument in France. Built in 5 years, everything about it is exceptional: its age (over 2,000 years), its dimensions (49 meters high, 275 meters long), and its extremely rare architecture (3 rows of superimposed arches).

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, the Pont du Gard was built in the 1st century A.D. to enable the Nîmes aqueduct to cross the Gardon River. Crossing it on foot is a privilege; take the time to contemplate it from afar too. Viewing the highest Roman aqueduct in the world, you will be impressed by its power, its elegance and its remarkable state of preservation.

The Nîmes - Pont du Gard - Uzès complex has been classified among the Great Sites of Occitania.

Did you know?

The Pont du Gard is the only monument in France to associate the World Heritage listing with the Grand Site de France label. The latter is awarded by the Ministry of Ecology and is based on the concepts of preservation of the environment, heritage, landscapes and quality of reception of visitors. 

Balade au Pont du Gard

A preserved natural setting

To see everything at the Pont du Gard site, allow at least half a day. Because this testimonial to the greatness of Rome has a wealth of riches as its setting. The quality of the environment is one of them.

The Pont du Gard is located in the heart of 165 hectares of unspoiled nature: a perimeter designed to protect the site and offer the best possible visiting conditions. You will enjoy walking along the “Memories of the Garrigue” trail: this 1.4 km loop tour will take you through vineyards, olive trees and holm oaks to discover the Mediterranean landscape and the remains of the aqueduct that linked Uzès to Nîmes.

In summer, you can bask on the beach facilities 200 m from the bridge and bathe in the Gardon River (play area and supervised beach area for children).  

Musée du Site du Pont du Gard

A cultural setting open all year round

Also devote yourself to visiting the various cultural areas around the Pont du Gard. On the left bank, the museum will charm you with its contemporary architecture, perfectly integrated into the site. Over 2,500 m2, its thematic route will put you in direct contact with the genius of Roman builders and the captivating world of Antiquity owing to its multimedia technologies: virtual reconstructions, touch screens, soundscapes, etc.

Children 5-12 years old will be delighted to have fun at the Ludo area, by becoming a Gallo-Roman schoolboy, an archaeologist or learning to harness water.

Workshops, artistic or scientific exhibitions, movies (screening of a documentary), concerts and of course various dining areas will enhance your visit to the Pont du Gard, a family site par excellence, with events throughout the year.


The Queen Mother of England was passing through Argilliers, near Uzès, and wished to visit the Pont du Gard. Lucienne Taulelle, the Mayor of Vers at the time, learned about it and invited her to visit her town. The Queen Mother arrived in a Rolls Royce! This was in 1965.

A journey through time

  • First century: the Pont du Gard was the centrepiece of a 50 km aqueduct supplying Nemausus (Nîmes). The canal carried water from a spring located in Uzès. Fountains, thermal baths, running water in the residences of the rich and the cleanliness of the streets contributed to well-being in the city. It worked for 5 centuries.
  • Middle Ages: Having become a thoroughfare, it enabled those who went from Uzès to the Beaucaire fair to cross the Gardon River. The stacks of arches on the 2nd level are set back and access ramps were built on each slope.
  • 18th century: In 1743, a road bridge was built against the monument: it is on this bridge that we can walk today.  
Useful information

Pour préparer votre visite, savoir tout ce vous pouvez voir et faire au Pont du Gard 


Latitude: 43.947584000000
Longitude: 4.534985000000
How to get there

The Pont du Gard is 27 km from Nîmes and 21 km from Avignon.

  • By car: A9 motorway, Exit 23 at Remoulins towards Uzès, then follow signs to the right bank or left bank.
  • By train: TGV (high-speed train) to stations in Nîmes and Avignon then bus links. The journey from Paris to Nîmes by TGV takes 2 hrs 50 mins.
  • By bus: A15 service leaving from Avignon and Alès; B21 service leaving from Nîmes.