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Capital city of expertise and legacies

Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

Warm, spontaneous, passionate, Toulouse is the capital of Occitania. It welcomes you to its orange brick haven sculpted by 2000 years of history. Top landmarks and sites devoted to aeronautical and space culture happily sit side by side. The blend of sunshine, party atmosphere and carefree lifestyle make it a city where lots of French people dream of living. 

La basilique Saint-Sernin
La basilique Saint-Sernin


The tour of Toulouse's top landmarks

You'll be amazed at the sheer number of amazing monuments in Toulousewhose centre you can explore on foot or by bike. Walk into Saint-Sernin Basilica(one of the biggest Roman buildings in the West) and Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, both listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Experience the majesty of the Jacobin Convent, a gem of Southern French Gothic Art. Enjoy the peace of the cloister and Augustine Museum. If you can only visit one of Toulouse's 80 mansions then make it the Hôtel d’Assézat

Don't miss

Emblem of Toulouse: the Capitole. It is home to both the Town Hall and Opera: a unique situation in France! Admire its sumptuous architecture whose pink marble columns set the beat. 

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La Cité de l'Espace
La Cité de l'Espace


Toulouse takes you high

Toulouse isn't just buzzing with art with its 20 museums. It is also the home of the Ariane rocket, Concorde and Airbus. Prepare to find out all about the feats, adventures and wonders in this Toulouse tale. Plan for a full day at the Cité de l’Espace. Visit the AéroscopiaMuseum. Pair your trip with a visit to the neighbouring Airbusfactories. So many unmissable sites unique in Europe. You'll have a great time here with the family whether or not you're experts in space and planes.

Our favourite

La Piste des Géantswill open in Toulouse in autumn 2018 on the former Montaudran runways where the French Airmail pilots took off. A unique cultural site covering 6 hectares.

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Le Muséum d'histoire naturelle
Le Muséum d'histoire naturelle


Toulouse gets your exciting

More great family visitsas Toulouse knows how to make its expertise related to its cutting-edge activities and research approachable. The former Medicine Faculty on the edge of the awe-inspiring Jardin des Plantesis now the Quai des Savoirs: you learn tons of amazing things here. Next door, step into the magical and thrilling world of Toulouse'sNatural History Museumthe 2nd biggest in France. First class year-round exhibitions and an action-packed event schedule await.

Les quais de Garonne
Les quais de Garonne


Explore the river and canal side of Toulouse

Toulouse has a passionate relationship with its river, the Garonne. Stunning houses line its sun-soaked brick docks in the shade of the plane trees. It's a go-to for localswho love getting together in the leafy and lively Port de la Dauradeor Place Saint-Pierre. The Garonne is connected to the UNESCO World Heritage Canal du Midiby the Canal de Brienne. Boat trips, walks and bike rides on the towpaths: treat yourself to a refreshing outing.

Well worth a visit

From the Pont Neuf, inaugurated by Louis XIV as a child, you may see the Pyrenean peaks: an awe-inspiring show that is performed pretty often depending on weather conditions.

Place de la Trinité


Vivez à la Toulousaine

You'll love Toulouse and its Italian vibe. In the increasingly pedestrianised centre, brick splashes everythingwith its pink, red and orange shades. It is a direct descendant from Roman times. Admire thearchitectural features: columns, caryatids, faces and more.  Step into internal courtyards inRenaissance mansions. Have a coffee insquares gushing with fountains. And of course, enjoy the boutiques, restaurants and cafésthat make Toulouse a trendy yet friendly city.

Top tip

Free museums and monuments, discounted activities, guided tour of your choice including public transport: experience Toulouse without limits for 24, 48 or 72 hrs with the Tourism Pass.

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Toulouse, in all seasons

Toulouse is sumptuous in spring, hot in summer, exuberant in autumn andwonderful in winter. The brick is still orange, the streets are lit up and everyone flocks to the Christmas market on Place du Capitole.

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Latitude: 43.604495000000
Longitude: 1.444854000000
How to get there

Toulouse is the biggest city (1.3 million people living in its urban area) in the Occitania region and the capital of the Haute-Garonne department. 

  • By car: on the A61, A62, A64 motorways.
  • By train: Toulouse-Matabiau station in the city centre
  • By plane: Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is 8km from the city centre which you can reach by tram, shuttle bus or bus.

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