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I am leading the dance at the Tempo Latino Salsa Festival!

Free entry to the Tempo Latino site (free fringe festival and events). Concerts: €35. 4-day pass: €120.
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All the year round our stages shake with the rhythm of the great Festivals of the Gers Département. But when the summer comes, the intoxicating music of the salsa comes and heats up our nights in the Gers during the Tempo Latino Festival. The little town of Vic-Fezensac is transformed into a huge fiesta, under the auspices of Latin & Afro-Cuban music. Ready for a "muy caliente" experience?!

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Festival Tempo Latino
Bienvenido a Tempo !


I make my way into the premier European festival of Latin and Afro-Cuban music. A whirlwind of sounds, colours and scents sweep me away – I'm here at last!

Festival Tempo Latino
Déambulation au coeur des animations
Festival Tempo Latino
Tournoi de beach-volley

I get warmed up by walking around among the events

Tempo is full of life! The time has come to try the free events that set the rhythm of the town during these 4 days of festival. Little by little, I immerse myself in the Latin atmosphere as I walk around the streets of the town. Guaranteed change of scene!

Festival Tempo Latino
Stage de danse

I refine my shimmy during a dance session

Renowned teachers from the 4 corners of the world offer courses for beginners or improvers throughout the festival. A unique opportunity for me to meet some exceptional people, and also to discover all the nuances of the salsa...

Festival Tempo Latino
Les concerts de rue
Festival Tempo Latino
La petite scène de Cap Tempo

I make a friendly stop!

How can you not make the most of these superb free concerts in the squares, in front of the bistros and on the small Cap Tempo stage? There you will find the festive atmosphere which goes to make up the best Latin and Afro-Cuban music festival in Europe. A very varied crowd who have travelled from all over, streets full of dancers, and music everywhere: we've made it – Vic-Fezensac is transformed into a Cuban town! In the warm July weather, why not prolong the magic on one of the terrace in the town?

Gangbé Brass Band

I capture the rhythm again with a concert in the arena

In 2018 Tempo Latino celebrates its 25th birthday. And to celebrate this properly, "El único" has reserved for you a programme in keeping with the event! Vic's arenas will play host to prestigious performances.


Jean-Jacques : "Each year, real stars cross the Atlantic to come and wow Vic's arenas. It is in this majestic setting that I have lived through some really great moments... when you see arms waving together in the air from the top tiers of seats right down to the stage – really a moment of high emotion...".

Festival Tempo Latino
Côté coulisses

Then I have an unforgettable moment with the artistes

Look at me – a real VIP! In the wings, just before the concert, I have an unforgettable encounter with the groups and musicians. A privilege to enjoy at least once in your life! Exchanges, sharing, laughs – around a glass of something then a meal... A unique moment that I will always remember.

Festival Tempo Latino
Mojito !!
Festival Tempo Latino
Apéritif made in Gascogne

I succumb to the sweet scent of a mojito...

I abandon the local Gers specialities for an evening and try the smooth Cuban cocktails and great food. For lovers of local flavours, no worries – our traditional regional produce is also there for you to enjoy. A perfect mixture of the Gascon and Latin spirit – Tempo Latino is that too!

Festival Tempo Latino
La Conga jusqu'au bout de la nuit
Festival Tempo Latino
La plage de la Conga

I end my intoxicating evening on the Conga beach

Do you know the conga as a Cuban musical instrument? Here, I am talking about a magic place which gives the festival its inimitable charm. The Conga is a man-made beach installed specially, in front of a free stage where groups and enthusiastic DJs appear. A trip straight to Copacabana!

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Edition 2018 Tempo Latino : du 26 au 29 juillet.

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How to get there
  • By car : Think about car-sharing! A system has been set up reaching to the 4 corners of France.
  • By bus : Shuttles are planned for the whole festival period, leaving from the railway stations in Toulouse, Agen and Auch.
  • By train : Travel to the stations in Toulouse, Agen and Auch, then take the Tempo shuttle as listed above.