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Tourism in Occitania: Holidays in the South of France

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Occitania in a nutshell

Get a feel for Occitania

First time visiting our region? Here's some key information to give you a feel for Occitania. You'll see that hospitality and joie de vivre runs in our veins as we love hosting and pampering our visitors. We also want to protect our region's natural wonders and remind people of the true meaning of "a warm welcome". What are you waiting for? Come over!


People, weather, scenery

What Occitania looks like ? What are the people ?

VTT en Ariège

Where to visit in occitania

Mountain, sea, city, countryside: compare and choose!


Did you know?

Geography, biodiversity, rugby, ...

Les Déferlantes

Essential events

Dive into the atmosphere of our festivals