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Leisure parks and zoos
Attractions for everyone

Ideal for holidays and a day out with your family! In our scientific and cultural theme parks, such as the Cité de l’Espace, knowledge is on offer in a fun and interactive way. A visit to the African reserve in Sigean or to the Gévaudan Wolf House - and you can reconnect with the beauty of the animal world. In Occitania, a whole host of other theme parks provide a wide range of entertainment.

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La Cité de l'Espace à Toulouse


From space travel to Gallic huts

Curious visitors of all ages can explore the huge interactive complex at the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. This is the biggest theme park dedicated to space in Europe. Logically enough, since Occitania was the birthplace of the European aerospace industry.

A radical change of direction with the Prehistory Park in Tarascon-sur-Ariège - you will find yourself transformed into explorers of lost worlds!

Other smart and fun destinations: the Gallic Village in Rieux-Volvestre, the Pyrène Forges near Foix or the Vieux Mas 1900 (the old farmhouse) in Beaucaire.

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Airbus in Toulouse, a gigantic attraction! The assembly area of the A380, the world's biggest plane, is not a theme park, but its exceptional character makes it one of the most attractive sites in Occitania.

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Parc des Loups du Gévaudan
Parc des Loups du Gévaudan


Respect for wildlife

In Occitania, you can see wild animals living in semi-liberty: head for the African Reserve in Sigean, for African Safari on the outskirts of Toulouse, for the Gévaudan Wolf Park or the European bison reserve in Sainte-Eulalie, among others.

Occitania's rich animal life can also be seen at sanctuaries like the Pyrenees Animal Park in Argelès-Gazost, the Vulture House in the Jonte Gorges… For birds of prey displays, make for the Donjon des Aigles de Beaucens or the Ecoparc du Rocher des Aigles in Rocamadour.


Ready for a day that is rich in ant...ics? Head for Micropolis the insect city, near Millau. It is in Saint-Léons, the village where Henri Fabre (a great 19th century naturalist) was born, and opens up the fascinating world of insects.

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Planet Ocean Montpellier


Immersed in beauty

Experience magical moments visiting the wonderful aquariums to found all along the Occitania coast.

The Seaquarium in Le Grau du Roi is the 3rd biggest aquarium in Europe in terms of capacity. The Mare Nostrum aquarium in Montpellier takes you on a journey around the world's oceans.

The Banyuls-sur-Mer aquarium will immerse you in the incredible biodiversity in the Banyuls-Cerbère marine reserve.


All over Occitania, you will meet enthusiastic people ready to introduce you to the beauties and customs of a wide range of animals: reptiles, snails and bees, as well as farm animals.
Lastly, if you are staying in the Gard region, make sure you visit a manade, where you will have a chance to explore the Camargue traditions of breeding bulls and horses.

Games and nature: children will love it

In this video, get away from it all at the Vallon du Villaret park. An unusual and very popular spot, where games, art and nature are combined in a preserved natural setting at the foot of Mont Lozère.

Video 1:48 © Aurélien Foisse.

Parc animalier des Pyrénées
Parc animalier des Pyrénées
Cité de l'espace
Cité de l'espace
Le Vallon du Villaret
Le Vallon du Villaret
Parc animalier des Pyrénées
Parc animalier des Pyrénées

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Parc de la Préhistoire

Cultural leisure

Ecoparc du Rocher des Aigles

How to get there
  • By car: Occitania has a large number of motorways (A9, A20, A61, A75, etc.).
  • By plane: the region has several airports, including the international airports of Toulouse, Montpellier and Lourdes.
  • By train: the region is accessible from all the major cities of France and the European capitals.

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